RESOURCES for the conference

Resources for Living and Working in Country

10 PDFs on Life in Southend (see attached)

  • Life in General

  • Careers

    • Teaching

    • Teaching English

    • Jobs besides Teaching

  • Important Tools

    • Language

    • Preparing to Go

    • Urban vs Rural

    • Visas

  • Single Life

    • Single Men

    • Single Women


Marketplace Professional Networks/Resources

Scatter Global -

Skybridge Community -

Deepen Discipleship -


Recommended Books

Tentmaking by Patrick Lai



Scatter by Andrew Scott



Some Job Sites

Dave’s ESL Café (teaching English):

Engineeroxy (academic engineering & technology):


Language Learning Resources

Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds (with DVD)


Pimselur audio conversation method (recommend Eastern Arabic and/or Modern Standard)

Growing Participator Approach (GPA):

Gulf Arabic Programme in Oman:

Many other opportunities in Oman and Jordan (write to us for more information)


Contact for More Info

Jack –

Jacob -

Peter –